Our order book 2018

6th August-12th August 2018. Closed for holiday.

13th-19th August 2018. Fully booked.

20th-26th August 2018. Fully booked.

27th August - 2nd September 2018. Fully booked.

3rd -9th September 2018.Fully booked.

10th-16th September 2018. Limited availability

17th-23rd September 2018. Limited availability.

24th-30th September 2018. Fully booked.

1st-7th October 2018.  Limited Availability.

8th-14th October 2018. Limited Availability

15th-21st October 2018.Fully booked.

22nd-28th October 2018. Limited availability

29th October-4th November 2018. Availability

5th-11th November 2018. Availability

12th-18th November 2018. Availability.

19th-25th November 2018. Availability for wedding cakes only

26th November-2nd December 2018. Limited availability.

3rd-9th December 2018. Availability.

10th-16th December 2018. Availability.

17th-23rd December 2018. Limited availability

24th-30th December 2018. Fully booked

31st December 2018-6th January 2019. Closed for holiday.

On weeks that we have limited availability we already have several bookings, but may be able to fit in cakes on certain days.

Dates correct at time of publishing (31-07-18) but are subject to change.