Gone are the days of boring wedding cakes!  Carved and themed cakes to truly reflect who you are.

Every cake is different, and we work closely with our couples to ensure their cake is truly original. On the below you will find a variety of unusual designs that we have made for bride and grooms over the last few years.

*prices quoted are for sponge cakes, fruit cake will cost a little more 

Hogwarts cake  (code 109)

 This magical  cake features iconic images from the wizarding world, all 100% edible!   

Cake picture£ £400 & provides 75 desert slices or 110 finger slices *

Christmas village cake  (code 100)

Hand made Christmas houses & market stalls make this amazing seasonal cake a true showstopper.  Each carefully crafted sugar house is different & the church is lit from the inside. 

Cake picture£ £505 & provides 80 desert slices or 120 finger slices *

Please note the wilton topper was provided by the bride & groom & is not included in the price.

 All things  fairy tale (code 049)

Designed for a couple who love all things fairy tale, each tier has a different theme and features their favorite characters.

Cake pictured is £805 & provides 135 desert slices or  200 finger slices* 

Gotham surprise cake (code 049) 

Just like Bruce Wayne this cake has a secret identity! This stunning cake has an elegant cascading roses design on one side and an eye catching Gotham skyline on the other. 

Cake pictured £ 540 & provides 80 desert slices or 120 finger slices*

Just married vehicle cake (code 105)
This quirky campervan was adorned with "just married" bunting & can be mounted on a larger or tiered cake if required.

Globetrotter cake (code 031) 

 The perfect cake for any globetrotting couple. Featuring handmade 2D and 3D landmarks.

Cake pictured £ 490 & provides 80 desert slices or 120 finger slices* 

Lego surprise cake  (code 033)

Hidden behind an elegant front side these lego men and Women are working hard to complete their work. Featuring a combination of real lego and icing bricks this fun design allows the best of both worlds.

Cake pictured £ 415 & provides 80 desert slices or 120 finger slices*  (price excludes lego figures)

Art deco cake (code 091)

This art deco cake, features marbled icing, piping and stenciling. The acrylic topper and sugarpaste art deco fan finish the cake off beautifully.

Cake pictured  £370 & provides 100 desert slices or 150 finger slices *

Log cabin cake (code 005)

If you have a breathtaking wedding venue why not reflect it on your cake.  This carved cake was an edible model of the stunning log cabin were the happy couple tied the knot

.Cake pictured is £365 & provides 90 desert slices or 130 finger slices* 

Hogwarts surprise cake  (code 109)

Whatever Hogwarts house you have been sorted into, their will be a tier of cake for you!  The subtle nod to Harry Potter on the front of this cake may only be spotted by real fans, however the hand piped icing house crests on the back reveal the couples love for all things Potter.

Cake pictured is £440 & provides 80 desert slices or 120 finger slices* 

Romantic picnic cake (code 025 )

This design is a variation on our hidden garden cake and includes the happy couples beloved pets. 

Cake pictured is £295 & provides 30 desert slices or 50 finger slices* 

Las Vegas cake (code 048)

The perfect cake  for any couple that loves all things Las Vegas or for a couple who got married in Vegas and wanted to share their happy day with their friends and family when they return home.

Cake pictured   £435 & provides 100 desert slices or 140 finger slices *

Superhero cake (code 092) 

Hand  painted  superhero depictions make a striking front to this cake. Topped with sugarcraft figures of the bride & groom and with silhouettes painted on one side and hand made badges on the other, this cake is interesting from every angle . Designed by the couple themselves this cake was a pleasure to make.

Cake pictured £ 465 & provides 105 desert slices or 160 finger slices* 

 Magical castle cake (code  069) 

This incredibly detailed cake is truly magical. Featuring a sleeping dragon, rice krispy treat steps, multiple hollow sugar turrets filled with sweets and 4 tiers of our delicious cake, making this a treat for the taste buds as well as the eyes!
Cake pictured £655 & provides 150 desert slices or 215 finger slices* 

Rollercoaster cake (code 075) 

This carved cake was designed to reflect the couples love of The Smiler.

Cake picture£ £450 & provides 130 desert slices or 200 finger slices *

Hidden garden cake  (code 006)

Cake pictured above £755 & provides 200 desert slices or 300 finger slices* 

This award winning cake was designed by Alison for the 2012 Cake International competition in London. The cake  took over 35 hours to create and received a certificate of Merit from the British sugarcraft guild.

Alice cake      (code 021)

 This beautifully  detailed  cake features quotes from both Alice books winding around the handmade sugar images. It won Alison a certificate of merit at Cake International in Birmingham in November 2012.

Cake pictured  is £585 & provides 130 desert slices or 195 finger slices* 

Wonderland cake  (code 022)

Designed by the bride this 4 tier cake proves Wedding cakes don't need to be traditional to be stunning. 

Cake pictured £510 & provides 130 desert slices or 195 finger slices* 

Comic strip hero cake (code 007)

 Featuring hand painted comic strip images this stunning marvel themed cake is a real talking point.

Cake pictured  £375 & provides 76 desert slices or 114 finger slices* 

 Simple castle cake  (code 023)

A cake to add a real fairy tale touch to your day.

Cake pictured is £154 & provides 40 desert slices or 60 finger slices* 

Stadium cake  (code 106)
For a real sports fan this carved stadium cake makes an amazing centrepiece for your big day.

Sci fi cake  (code 032)

 This unusual design reflected the couples love of  Star Trek & Doctor Who, while retaining a fabulous elegance.

Cake pictured is £345 & provides 100 desert slices or 150 finger slices* 

"We knew we were in safe hands when we met Alison at a wedding fair, she was very enthusiastic about our sci-fi cake design and simply understood exactly what we wanted. She produced a unique, stunning and delicious wedding cake for us and drove 45 miles to come set it up for us. Can't recommend her enough, she will definitely be our first point of call when we need our next special cake."